44-Year-Old Man Dies On Top Of His Girlfriend In Bed

In Kayole, Nairobi county, a 44-year-old man died while in the act of making love to his 36-year-old friend.

That man died yesterday night in Kayole while playing a major game for adults, according to a storey provided by Ravine news on their social media accounts.
The news was reported in a unique style that left many people laughing and crying, as it was said.

“Man Die on Top of The Game! Nairobi, Soweto, Kayle one man died in the line of duty on the night of waking up today.

The man collapsed yesterday when he was playing games of big people with his girlfriend, 36, and died there. He died on top of the game. He tried to refuse to remove the poison from his waist early but clever defeated him.”

His heart and front muscles were taxed. His fiancee, according to his friends, refuses to allow him lower the flag until the national anthem is finished. His relatives will now hide their faces when they recite his life’s CV at his burial.

It is unclear whether his girlfriend was arrested or not, but we are still monitoring the situation and will update you as soon as we have more information.

The incident has prompted diverse comments from netizens, who have offered their various perspectives, comments, and ideas on it, with some advising men not to take blue tablets while undergoing the procedure because that is the major source of the problem.

Some others have also offered condolence letters to the deceased’s family and friends, expressing their condolences and wishing him eternal peace. Other netizens have chastised the reporter for his language in attempting to relay information about the incident, with some pushing him to use just English.


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