If You’re StrugglIng With Hypertension… This is the Most Important Article You’ll EVer Read…

If you go through this chat, You’ll learn alot about your Hypertension and also wave goodbye to your HYPERTENSION.

To see millions of Africa Men enjoying Life instead of suffering from Hypertension and eventually die from it. And In the last one year, more than 1230 people have keyed into this solution. And of course, we’ve HUNDREDS of Testimonies to show that this works LIKE CRAZY. Thanks.

What do you think are the root causes of Hypertension?

High Blood Pressure might be caused by any other reason. Yours might be caused by Smoking, Old Age, Lack Of Physical Activities, too much alcohol consumption, Stress, Genetics, being overweight, too much salt in the diet, Chronic Kidney Disease Adrenal & Thyroid disorders etc.

People who have Hypertension complain a lot. What are the dangerous effects of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE?

There are numerous effects of Hypertension. Once you’re hypertensive (and you don’t deal with it effectively), the chance of having Stroke, heart attack, kidney problems, vision Loss, erectile dysfunction etc is CRITICALLY HIGH….

Painfully, all this happens silently until it gets complicated. This is the reason why Hypertension has been nicknamed “SILENT KILLER”. For example, your failure to deal with Hypertension might make it turn to Heart Attack.

Here’s what happened…

As you know, when your High blood pressure increases, it starts damaging your arteries. The more it damages the artery, the more your artery gets blocked. And once your artery gets blocked, there will be prevention of the blood flow to the heart muscle.

The resultant effect of all this process is Heart ATTACK because there’s not enough blood flowing to your heart to help it work effectively.

The truth is you should pray not to experience this…If you’re having chest pain or some irregular Heart beating, you need to pay attention to it as soon as possible.

Hypertension also affects your Brain and eventually leads to STROKE.

Just as you already know, when your High blood pressure increases, it starts damaging your arteries including those that supply blood to your brain.

The Brain is a power engine. The Brain should never be deprived from oxygen and nutrients and this is only possible when the brain receives adequate blood supply.

So, because of damaged arteries and obstruction in blood flow, the brain cells begin to die and it results in STROKE.

You begin to witness weakness in the face, or leg, arm, especially on one side of the body. Stroke Patient begins to find it difficult speaking and even seeing. Again, it’s better not to Experience this because it might be too late.

“High blood pressure is one of the most common causes of kidney failure”. You already know, high blood pressure causes damage to blood vessels. And damaged blood vessels prevent the kidney from effectively filtering waste from your blood, allowing dangerous levels of fluid and waste to accumulate.

And once this happens, your kidney begins to fail. The only solution to this is dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Do you know HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE also has effects on your eyes?

High Blood Pressure damages the light-sensitive tissue at the back of your eye (retina), and this can lead to bleeding in the eye, blurred vision and complete loss of vision. This even gets riskier if you have diabetes in addition to high blood pressure… Anyway, once HYPERTENSION sets in, just deal with it.

You’re known GLOBALLY as the Hypertension Consultant. Can you tell us about your revolutionary product?

Our revolutionary product is called ARJUNA & LASUNA. Arjuna is a Blood Regulator, Lasuna is a Cholesterol Destroyer. Combined, they reverse even the most acute case of Hypertension in 10 about weeks. Just 2 and a half months!

“Arjuna + Lasuna are magical twins from the ancient city of India”.

Arjuna contains herbal extracts from the bark of Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna). The extracts of Arjuna are effective in the treatment of cardiovascular ailments, treating asthma, controlling hypertension, and preventing kidney stones. Rich in antioxidant properties, the Himalaya Arjuna promotes blood circulation and heals wounds.

Lasuna Tablet on the other hand contains Lasuna (Allium sativum) bulb extract. Lasuna lowers blood lipid levels by modulating key enzymes in the liver responsible for cholesterol biosynthesis.

It also helps prevent the hardening of blood vessels by reducing lipid accumulation in the arteries. They call this drug “the cholesterol destroyer” ARJUNA & LASUNA can nutritionally support heart health, cardiovascular health, and a healthy lifestyle.

But, what exactly makes ARJUNA & LASUNA works so FAST & SO well?

See, the secret why this Arjuna & Lasuna works is that Arjuna is a Blood Blood Regulator & Lasuna is a Cholesterol Destroyer. So, as the Cholesterol Gets Destroyed daily, the pressure drastically reduces, Arjuna strengthens the heart & allows the blood to flow freely without any hindrance and therefore NO PRESSURE.. Their combination works like GANGBUSTER…

If you use both of them together, they’ll reverse even the most acute case of Hypertension in about 2 & half months..10 weeks in total. So, That’s the secret.

People also often complain that They’ve used a lot of PRODUCTS with SIDE EFFECTS & a lot of people are always scared. What’s the Side Effects OF ARJUNA & LASUNA?

Well, the unique value proposition of ARJUNA & LASUNA is that It can never have any side effects on you. Both ARJUNA & LASUNA are made from Natural TREE extracts…

So, no chemicals or anything that can cause side effects was added. So, anybody should feel free to use it without any fear of side effects but with the hope that they’re about to conquer HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.


First, anybody that told you HYPERTENSION can’t leave you COMPLETELY is not telling you the truth. Infact, consider the person who tells you that as your ENEMY. However, We USUALLY recommend 3 month use for complete REVERSAL.

And after the 3 month, SAY GOODBYE to HYPERTENSION forever. However, Keep following your meal plan & neccessary lifestyle change e.g Don’t go back to Heavy alcohol intake again.


Well, We recommend 3 month use for COMPLETE REVERSAL. However, you’ll start seeing massive changes from the first month. The changes will even inspire you to complete the drugs.I honestly feel like getting this right now.


You can get it anywhere you are right now. We deliver right to your doorstep anywhere you are in NIGERIA. Infact, because we value our customers, you don’t have to pay for DELIVERY at all. All you need to do is to go to our website. Drop your details, we deliver it to your doorstep while you pay on delivery! It’s that simple.

My advice is that NEVER Joke with HYPERTENSION. It’s dangerous for yourself, for your SPOUSE & FOR your children. So, Take PROACTIVE ACTION Now Not later.

See what others are saying about this miracle 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer Formula

“Folorunsho Iyabo from Ibadan “Whatever is in this pill is magical! I have COPD blood pressure stage 169/94, feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest and my feet are never warm. It can be 90 degrees and my feet will be stone cold. My life almost came to a halt.So I get this stuff last month. This is my 39th day of using this drug now. I very carefully noted the feeling that my nose cleared, nothing major.

My feet and legs seem to have joined my body and they were warmer, the elephant got off my chest and I was taking deep oxygen in respiration (oxygen above 89) my muscles seemed to have relaxed and I even skipped a Xanax dose because I was so relaxed, didn’t need it.

I almost skipped some of my lyrica that I take for back pain.I also noticed that there was a warm tingling sensation circulating through my legs and feet. I am stumped by this unexpected relief when all else seems to have failed.Oh hello life again. I am so happy. Thank you Dr Akin, I’m grateful”“Peter Nwandu from Imo State

“Uncle Akin, this is my personal testimonial. I am 32 years old. Near the end of last year I did MDMA and kinda went overboard. ever since I did it, my blood pressure stayed elevated for a while. Doctor would prescribe me meds I didn’t want to take.Vision was always weird, heart pounding almost all the time especially after food.

I thought it was going to last forever.It was always like 140/90 .. slightly elevated but uncomfortable. I didn’t know what else to do.Over the months it didn’t get better, but recently I stumbled upon these 2 drugs and took it once a day for less than a month. The heart pounding stopped and I finally feel normal again. It’s like my heart was inflated and this herb kinda healed me. Now everytime I check even randomly, my blood pressure is like 120/60 or 70.

I feel way better and finally feel like i’m healing. Going to continue to work out, and just live right. Didn’t take not one prescribed med again and have a new appointment next month coming up.The look on my docs face is gonna be priceless when i tell her I didn’t ingest not one of those stupid meds. Natural herbs is the way to go. Love Arjuna and Lasuna.”

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What else can you expect from Arjuna and Lasuna?

If you’re like most men, hypertension causes your erection to be weak, some are unable to even have sexual relations with their spouse again.

The reason is because they don’t have enough blood flow to that region of the body again.

Arjuna and Lasuna will help any man perform better in the bedroom by basically helping the dilators to allow better free flow of blood to the pelvic area.

You can expect a rapid improvement in your sex life from using the 2-in-1 HBP Destroyer.

Why Should I Buy The 3-Months Plan?

Hypertension is a Killer disease, and needs to be treated intensively. The 3-months pack is designed to work from the root cause of hypertension.

We always advise that you stop throwing your money about, settle down, and get rid of hypertension once and for all. The 3-months plan is designed just for that!

Enter your best email address to claim the 51% discount Dr Akin is offering for a few people today

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