Popular Nigerian actor, Muyiwa Ademola, took to his verified Instagram account some hours ago to reveal that he is hospitalised. He posted a picture of his arm as he received drips.

He captioned the picture, “Never posted anything like this before but this is necessary. Especially because of the numerous commitments ahead.”

Ever since he posted the picture, his fans had been worried about him.

However, in an exclusive chat with The Journalist, his aide, Wuraola stated that his illness was not life-threatening. She revealed that the illness was stress-induced.

“He is just a little bit ill, it is nothing serious. He is just stressed. The illness is stress-related because all he does is to work. He needs the rest so it is not as if it is anything serious.

You know if you work round the clock and you do not rest, you can break down. It is not as if it is something serious. He is still resting in the hospital.

He is on bed rest because that is the only way we can get him to rest that is why he is in the hospital. We do not know when he will be discharged but we will prefer if he is there for a while.

“It is nothing serious but we know he will not rest when he gets home. He is always on his phone or doing one thing or the other. He has to stay there for at least a week in order to get his strength back.

It is nothing life-threatening, it is just the normal stress-related sickness. It is not life-threatening. He hardly breaks down; he is not the type that breaks down. He is a workaholic,” she said.


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