School breaks are usually a bitter-sweet period, a joyful escape from the regular school activities and extracurricular activities for the kids and an unending cry of attention and boredom for parents. 

Keeping the kids occupied can be a whirlwind for parents with juggling work and other important stuff and trying to cater to the cries, screams and demands of the little ones. But not to worry, this write-up offers a series of fun ideas to keep the little ones entertained and out of your hair.

Craft Making: Unleash the mini Picasso in your kids. Set up a crafting station with paints, glitter, glue, and other art supplies and watch them get engaged for hours. 

Organise play dates: Planning play dates is a win-win during the break. Team up with other parents in your circle and create unforgettable playdates that will keep the kids entertained, strengthen their social skills, and give you a chance to relax. 

Watch entertaining and interesting kid’s shows: Another effective way to keep the kids entertained during the school break is for them to binge-watch their favourite shows on TV. While screen time should be managed, educational and entertaining shows can be a great way to keep the kids occupied.

That’s where GOtv steps in. They offer a variety of dedicated kid’s channels filled with engaging shows. From exciting adventures and hilarious animations to action-packed stories, these channels provide a fun and safe space for kids to explore. Here are a few picks that they’ll love. 

Monsters at Work: This show follows Tylor, a recent graduate of Monsters University’s scare program, who arrives at Monsters Inc. only to discover that the company has switched from scaring children to making them laugh. Shows every day at 10 am and 1 pm on Disney Channel GOtv ch 92.

Bluey: This animated children’s television show follows Bluey, a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, and her younger sister Bingo as they play imaginative games with their parents Bandit and Chilli Heeler. Airs every day at 3:05 pm on Disney Channel GOtv ch 92.

Danger Force: A spin-off of the popular hilarious Nickelodeon drama series Henry Danger. The show follows Captain Man as he forms a new team of superheroes to protect Swellview. This time he chooses a team of quirky and mischievous teenagers who are still learning to control their superpowers. The show airs Every day at 1 pm on Nickelodeon GOtv ch 87. 

Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan: This sit-com drama follows Dylan a young and aspiring hip-hop artist who is forced to move in with his wealthy aunt and uncle in a fancy neighbourhood. Dylan must learn to adjust to his new life and fancy relatives while still dealing with his growing popularity. Airs Every day at noon on Nickelodeon GOtv ch 87.

Read Engaging books: Even though it’s a break from school, encourage them to dive into a good book or two. Stimulating their minds with engaging reads keeps their brains sharp and active, ensuring the holiday remains both fun and educational.

With these few tips, you can keep your kids entertained throughout the holidays. Don’t forget to check out GOtv’s dedicated kids channels for other variety of children’s shows. Download the MyGOtvApp or dial *288# to upgrade, renew your subscription, and stay connected. 

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