Experts have warned against an­other lockdown to fight the second wave of COVID-19 infections in the country, noting that it would drive Nigeria into perma­nent recession.

In the same breath, they have flayed Nigerians’ disre­gard for the non-pharmaceu­tical protocols advised by the Federal Government.

It would be recalled that the National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Sani Aliyu, on Thursday, January 7, said that the Federal Govern­ment may impose a fresh lockdown on the country if the rising cases of COVID-19 infections recorded lately continue.

According to the experts, made up of researchers and doctors from the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and medical institutes, an­other lockdown without palliatives would create socio-economic hardship among the general populace.

However, they noted that whether a lockdown was imposed or not, strict adher­ence to COVID-19 rules and regulations was obligatory, adding that failure by Nige­rians to comply with the pro­tocols was the cause of the second wave of infections and fatalities.

One of them, President of the Nigeria Medical As­sociation, Professor Inno­cent Ujah, while dismissing the clamour for lockdown, said: “My own view is that we are not compliant with COVID-19 rules.

“Nigerians should be com­pliant with the NCDC proto­col, that is the first thing to do. It is not just about lock­down; if you lock down and people are not compliant, it will not work.

“So, we must accept the fact that we must comply with the NCDC protocol.

“Lockdown, I accept, is to stop transmission, but it has its economic and social consequences.

“So, we have to balance the economy, social circum­stances, and health – it is ideal if we have everything, if we have palliative.

“If people have palliatives and they can eat and meet their basic obligations, then obviously we may be able to lockdown.

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