The Rock

Hollywood is being overrun by WWE legends and we are all here for it. The saga of Dwayne Johnson’s decade-long battle in the movie industry has been a renowned one. Racked with rejection, asked to conform, and being invalidated at every turn, The Rock’s journey is at once paved with impossible success and the story of one man’s defiance against the norms that rule the film and television industry. 

Dwayne Johnson’s and Randy Orton

Now, Johnson is not only one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood but also one of the most globally recognizable faces. But as he grows ever more famous in his acting career, the left-behind fandom from the WWE arenas wait in anticipation for the legend to return once more to the ring that started it all.

The Rock

Randy Orton and Dwayne Johnson’s Rumored WWE Return

Tragedy struck the world of Raw when the 14-time World Champion, Randy Orton, exited the ring in May 2022, never to be seen again in action. At the time, the Viper had been defeated by The Usos as Orton and his RK-Bro co-star, Matt Riddle, sulked all the way home while the crowd rumbled, united in their awe of The Usos creating WWE history. 

Randy Orton
Randy Orton

However, news later surfaced regarding Orton’s grievous back injury – which was eventually followed up by a surgery and months-long lay-off from the arena. Almost a year down the line, it seems as though a comeback of the greatest measure is simply waiting to happen as Bookies rule Wrestlemania alum Dwayne Johnson and the legendary Viper, Randy Orton, are all set to return to the spotlight once again. 

When and How Will the Viper and The Rock Return to WWE?

Current rumors aided by some well-researched reports by the Bookies claim that the probability of The Rock and the Viper returning to the Wrestlemania stage is leveling up to 66.7% and 60% respectively. While the industry has been clamoring for Dwayne Johnson’s return and has been more jittery than ever regarding the rumors of a surprise appearance, Johnson himself has remained calm and detached, thus dimming the fans’ hope for a comeback.

Dwayne Johnson rumored to take over WWE from Vince McMahon
The Rock

Nevertheless, Bookies claim an appearance will be made, most likely during The Showcase of the Immortals. Elsewhere, Randy Orton, who went up against the likes of Cody Rhodes, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Triple H, and John Cena is gearing up for his return to the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Although the scent is strong with this one, it seems very unlikely for Orton to perform in-ring at Wrestlemania after staying out of the limelight for months. But as the grand showdown draws closer, what better than a little drama and a grand spectacle to get the crowds going?

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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