How Bukola died – Man whose ‘lover’ reportedly died from sex romp with him


Mr. Salako Babajide Hakeem, the man in the centre of the death of Bukola Folarin, allegedly from marathon sex they had together has given his own account of the incident.

Bukola, a 47-year-old nurse died at Bedwell hotel, Abule Egba, Lagos with reports rife that her death occurred during a sex romp involving the deceased and Hakeem, a claim the latter countered in an interview with reporter at the weekend.

 Hakeem said he grew up in the same neighbourhood with the late nurse and she was stranded after they met at a party and for old time sake he took her to Bedwell Hotel to lodge.

“The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is that Ms. Folarin and I attended a social function in our old neighbourhood (Agege) on Saturday, 28th November, 2020 and we had drinks shared with other old friends in the neighbourhood at the party.

”We left the party at night and Aunty Bukky (as she was fondly called) requested that I dropped her off at the nearby hotel as it was too late to go to her house which is far from our old neighbourhood.

“I checked her in at Bedwell hotel, Abule Egba truly, but I left for my house that same night at about 10:20 pm,” he narrated.

Continued, “On Sunday morning, I called Ms. Bukky repeatedly but she did not pick her calls, and out of worry, i went back to the hotel at about 7:02am to check on her but unfortunately met her lifeless body.

“The fact of the case remains that though she died in the hotel, but she was alone at the time of the ugly incident and her sudden death could best be described as an act of God.

“As revealed by the CCTV footage of Bedwell Hotel between the hours she checked in and was discovered dead by the Hotel. Ms Folarin while in an emergency put a call to one of her relatives and tried her best to get help but unfortunately she didn’t survive it.

”It is unfortunate that I have been subject of media trial both online and print with all publications that published the incident misreporting and misrepresenting it, claiming she died in a sex romp with me.

“I remain grateful to the Nigerian police force officers at SCID, Panti who took their time to watch the long CCTV footage and could see that I left the hotel premises after checking her in.

”The CCTV also showed that she came out of her room after I had left. She was captured sitting on the floor in the hotel corridor holding her head and chest to signify she had a medical emergency but was alone.

“The CCTV also showed the Hotel attendant, who explained that she asked him for paracetamol that midnight but he couldn’t get any for her, attended to her long after I had left the room and her room door was not locked after that till I came to check on her in the morning and left out of shock not knowing what was the action to take at the moment of rude shock till when the hotel discovered her lifeless body in the room after checkout time and then called the police.”

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