…As Nigeria’s Manufacturing giant introduces new products to the global market

In the world of branding and re-strategizing, one thing is very vital and that is, the re-brander and strategist must be a highly gifted professional because as the world is trending on daily basis, so as brands are evolving, becoming sporadically fascinating even as well as products are being unleashed in the global market.

In Nigeria today, one company that has taken a giant stride and embarked on new array of products dissemination is the manufacturing giant, the Eleganza Group.

Founded by the indefatigable Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya, a holder of one of the most chieftaincy titles in Lagos State who got the vision decades back, the Eleganza Group has now become a mega and monumental organization, providing job opportunities for Nigeriand and expatriates alike while also churning out fantastic household products for Nigerians.

Run by the ever flashing and beautiful amazon of the Okoya dynasty, Dr. Mrs. Shade Okoya, the very hardworking wife of the Aare of Lagos, Alhaji Okoya, the Eleganza Industrial City has in the course of many decades of its operation churned out vital domestic products that have served conveniently the needs of Nigerians and the global world in wider perspective.

However, the Eleganza Industrial City recently saw the need to rebrand for a better service delivery and this is the more reason the gigantic business and manufacturing edifice is introducing some new products into the market while also improving on its existing brands which include household products, gadgets and many other fantastic and needful merchandise that have been satisfying the yearnings of Nigerians for many years.

The never tired Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya who is ably supported by his lovely, caring and dutiful wife, Dr. Mrs. Shade Okoya and the entire management board of Eleganza Industrial City have come up with strategies aimed at not only rebranding the company but providing more jobs to Nigerians while rescuing many people out of poverty.

Eleganza Industrial City is indeed committed to producing high quality chairs, luggage boxes, diapers, coolers, sanitary towels etc to meet international standards. The company believes in its products and holds itself to the highest standards.

There is no doubting the fact that Eleganza Industrial City truly cares about people’s satisfaction, which is why the company ensures users of its products can get the best items locally.

Nigerians and global patrons of Eleganza Industrial City products should watch out for the bumper that will be unleashed on the manufacturing sector by this sterling company that has been loyal to the investment development of Nigeria for many years.

According to some Nigerians spoken to by Squard Media Group, they cannot wait to see the new products and the rebranding of Eleganza Industrial City, believing that the company is known vividly for the production of quality, durable and reliable products. We shall keep you updated on more developments as they unfold. Indeed, Dr. Mrs. Shade Okoya is a game changer for positivity.

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