See: Microsoft is “having fun” with Apple’s MacBook Pro – Latest News

When it comes to the Surface range of devices, Microsoft is adopting an aggressive approach. Whether it’s promotions, prices or even a product – Surface devices have the best of Microsoft. And it is one product in which he is never afraid of taking over rivals. As well as the new Surface Pro 7 ad.

In direct comparison to the Apple MacBook Pro, the Microsoft ad highlights how the Surface Pro has a full touch screen. On the other hand, the ad raises the question of why Apple can’t do that and give only a “small bar” – the obvious digging of the touch bar that Apple adorns in the MacBook Pro.

The ad also touches on the fact that the Surface Pro 7 has a detachable keyboard, while such a feature does not exist on the MacBook Pro. The ‘detachable’ keyboard comes with the iPad Pro, not the MacBook, which would be a more direct comparison.

Microsoft is further investigating the MacBook because it is not a gaming device. According to the ad, the Surface Pro remains a “much better gaming device” than the Apple MacBook Pro.

Finally, there is a price at which almost anyone and everyone can dig up Apple. Microsoft is not wasting that opportunity. The Apple MacBook Pro starts at $ 1,299, while the Surface Pro 7 costs $ 890. Another thing is that the top configurations of both devices have more or less similar prices.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has dug up Apple with its Surface devices. Apple never ‘responded’ in kind, but in its main note it hinted that Windows laptops don’t come close to what Apple produces.


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