It’s been more than 78 hours since an unfortunate incident that rocked the boat of digital banking merchant, Moniepoint MFB happened yet there has been no official statement to either confirm or debunk the situation from the bank, Trixx NG reports.

One of Moniepoint MFB’s customers had alleged that funds don’t have the necessary security at the bank after men of the underworld made away with his N9.6 Million when his phone got stolen on 27th of December, 2023.

According to the customer, he immediately reached out to the bank via email when his phone was stolen to help him block his account and since the Moniepoint MFB claims to have a 24/7 service, he expected a response from their end but till the money was withdrawn bit-by-bit, there was no response from the bank.

Apart from the fact that the incident exposed the weak security network of Moniepoint MFB, it uncovered the lies Moniepoint MFB has told to its unsuspecting customers about the availability of customer service whenever they need any.

In some quarters, it has been alleged that the bank provided technical assistance to the dare-devils by not responding to the victim’s message but allowed the suspects to have access to the customer’s portal to the extent of getting the chance to reset his password.

Several customers have been waiting to hear from the bank to know if the story is true or not but there has been nothing from the bank and this further spells Moniepoint’s incapacity to efficiently be accountable to its customers and various stakeholders. Sometimes, silence means consent and in this case, Moniepoint MFB’s silence could be mistaken as a confirmation of the story.

If this is anything to go by, it serves as a wake-up call to unsuspecting customers to either guard their gadgets jealously or move to other banks where their funds can be more secured unlike Moniepoint’s.

Trixx NG also reached out to Moniepoint MFB through its public relations desk but there has been no response as at the time of filing this report.

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