A man has made an usual statement regarding Catholic reverend fathers or priests, claiming that they are not forbidden from having sexual relations with women.

This claim was made on Facebook by a man named Wisdom Atasie, who asserted that there is no legislation prohibiting them from sleeping with women.

It is a general belief among people that Catholic priests are prohibited from meeting the opposite gender for copulation or becoming biological fathers.

According to Atasie, there is no catholic law stopping a priests from making love to a woman.

He however says the only valid Catholic law is that a priest is not permitted to get married.

Atasie wrote;

No Catholic law forbids Rev fathers from having se-x with women.

It only says “Don’t take a wife!”

See screenshot below

His post generated reactions from those who came across it. Many who obviously are of Catholic faith disagreed with him.

They slammed him and educated him at the same time, while some who probably are non-Catholics, somehow seemed surprised.

Below are comments from some users who took to his comment section of his post.

There is a Catholic law that forbids ppl who are not married to have s3x , this includes the rev. Father’s too

Ukanwa Chioma commented

Thank God I didn’t see this post . Touch not my annoited and do my prophet no harm. I come in peace let me move with my pride.

Nwodo Chinyere commented

Wisdom one day I will hear that they stone you then you will learn how to mind your business in ds country

Reformer Iwuji Precious Chinaza commented
I wonder where this adult child gets his inspiration from.

It’s like you are planning to become a Catholic priest, looking for who will endorse your madness?

Oshey I dey hail.
But know that one day you go climb woman and they will use surgery to separate una

Chioma Juliet commented

Don’t take a wife but be fornicating, wisdom clap for yourself. Wisdom is lacking sense

Arizona Rexon commented
You’ve decided to bring curse upon your generation. I would advise you to beg GOD for wisdom because your thinking goes contrary to your name.

Who the hell are you to be talking ill about Catholic Priests. Not because you’re seeking attention and comments that made u to be thinking like a fool.

Find something meaninful and do with your life. Be wise!

Pascaline Damian commented
This wisdom am beginning to drift away from your page because of your posts and ways of reasoning.

How and what exactly brought this to your thought? Why choose this topic of all topics? Oh Lord forgive me for reading this.
Wisdom.c.atasir how can a Priest have sex when he does not have a wife?

Felicitas Nwasom commented
Zukwanuike Wizidom. Leave men of God alone. You are not the one they serve, allow God whom they serve to treat them the way it please him.

Mazi Akonam commented
They take oath of celibacy before embarking on priesthood. Be informed man !

Godwin Asiegbunem commented
Its high time Roman Catholic should change that oath of celibacy and make it willingly or volunteerily to stop all this exurberances and judgement.

Vivian Azotani Omenkah commented
Are you a Catholic by faith truly?? Stop uterly unnecessary words pls„, sometimes just maintain peace.

Cheche Laz commented
Leave catholic people alone biko…. You been post, i commented my experience..and now you are still posting.

Leave them with their fate,if you were born a catholic i bet you won’t be saying all this.
Most of us that are born into different religion sticked to it because we have foundations in that religion.

And you can’t easily convince us with whatever proof you come up with. Allow them biko,let God choose His people in the last day.

Philip .O


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