During the last football season, Chelsea FC committed many errors and did not get any relevant trophies and recognition in every league. The club was closer to relegation than victory in the premier league. The Champions League was nothing to write home about for the club last season. It was the club’s worst performance in years despite having the most sophisticated players.

One of the mistakes Chelsea FC made last season was ignoring warnings and pieces of advice from stakeholders, especially the spiritual angle. Many don’t know that there is a huge connection between football and spirit; it is a spiritual exercise and that’s why we hear about players casting spells and visiting witch doctors in order to excel.

The relationship between these two phenomena particularly regarding Chelsea FC, was confirmed by the warnings of Nigerian Prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele to the club which he released before things went haywire.

Primate Ayodele is known for his prophecies on every sector including sports. He is popular for his predictions on scores of football matches, winners of leagues and cups, the fate of footballers, etc.

It is on record that he foretold the victories of Manchester City at the last Champions League, Argentina at the last world cup, Senegal at the last AFCON, the sudden exit of C.Ronaldo at Manchester United, unimpressive performances of Lukaku, Edouard Mendy, to mention but a few.

During the last season, Primate Ayodele specially warned Chelsea FC against making some moves and advised the management on steps to take in order to restore the club’s glory. The man of God categorically stated the club will not finish well except cleansing is done.

He advised the new owner of the club to get the blessings of the former chairman, Roman Abramovic who had to leave due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Primate Ayodele warned in several videos that there will be so many failures in the club unless the needful is done.

These were his words

“Chelsea is finished. If they are not careful they will not function again. The people who bought Chelsea should go back to the owner and get his blessings. Otherwise, if they put 10, 20 strikers, defenders, and the best keeper in the world, there is a curse troubling Chelsea at this moment.

I have told you, to take these my words very very seriously if you want to progress, otherwise, Chelsea can go to total relegation. Any team that faces Chelsea now can beat them, they need spiritual cleansing for them to wake up to the challenges that are ahead of them.”

At the time the prophet made this statement, Chelsea was number 10 and was still in the Champions League. However, the club got kicked out of the Champions League and battled relegation to finish number 12 on the premier league table.

We are in a new dispensation now, the league has just resumed with just few matches played yet. Chelsea has gotten a new coach, and spent a lot of money on new players yet, the club has not picked up.

Just like the previous season, Primate Ayodele has released another prophecy warning the club’s management to put its house in order to avoid a non-palatable season.

He mentioned that if care isn’t taken, the club will struggle between 10th and 11th position.

‘’If you are not careful, the coming season will not be too palatable as expected. I don’t know who your players are but it’s still going to be rough. The only way Chelsea can do what the fans are expecting is by putting their house in order. If not, the club will struggle between 10 and 11. Honestly, the club needs to be very prayerful’’

These statements are very powerful revelations about the fate of Chelsea FC in the new football season. Any serious manager would understand the importance of this and if indeed Chelsea is serious about winning trophies in this dispensation, ignoring these statements isn’t the best thing to do.

The season is still very fresh and the club still has time to correct what needs to be corrected. The team still has time to follow the directives of Primate Ayodele. It won’t be an appropriate thing for the club to finish 10th or 11th on the premier league table this season. The management made a mistake by ignoring the prophet’s warning last season, this is another opportunity to obey.

Isaac Fashanu writes from Delta

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