Mariam Musa

24-year-old Musa Mariam, who was recently paraded by the police in Osogbo, Osun State, for allegedly poisoning her stepson, tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA her story

What is your name?

My name is Musa Mariam. I am 24 years old. I got married to my husband about four years ago.

It was alleged that you gave your younger wife’s son a substance to drink which killed him. Is it true?

It was Pako-pako (herbicide) that I gave him to drink. I was asleep when the child came to my room. I called him to come closer and he answered me and I gave him the poison to drink. It was the devil that pushed me into the act. I wasn’t told that I can’t give birth to a male child. But the devil simply used me that day.

Why did you do that?

It was jealousy. My bad temper led me to do the evil act. The attitude of our husband towards me in the house, his preference for the male child that the second wife had for him over others and the love that my husband had shown the second wife led me to the act.

What exactly did your husband and the mother of the deceased do to you?

The younger wife does not like seeing me. Whenever our husband is not around, she will pick a quarrel with me. Our husband does not take care of me. He shows preference for the younger wife and he also likes the child of the woman more because he is a male.

Have you given birth to any child?

Yes, I have a girl. I am also carrying a five-month-old pregnancy.

Were you caught in the act of poisoning the child?

No, after I committed the act, I was not caught. But I was conscience-stricken, I then called our husband and I confessed my sin to him.

What is your occupation?

I am a fashion designer. But I went into selling of Ogi (corn paste) when I wasn’t getting good patronage.

What is your husband’s occupation?

Our husband is a bricklayer and the younger wife is a hairdresser.

When did your husband marry his second wife?

He married her when I lost my first child. He started maltreating me from that time.

How was he maltreating you?

He didn’t do anything to assist me when I completed by tailoring training and was having my ‘graduation’ ceremony. My family and his family tried their best to persuade him to assist me, but he did not.

He only spent N70 on the day of my ‘freedom.’ But he  on the day of the younger wife’s freedom, he spent a huge amount of money and did all that he was supposed to do to satisfy her (the junior wife) and justified his position as the husband.

In my own room, there is no television, not to talk of a decoder. But the younger wife has a television and a GOTV decoder in her own room, which our husband bought for her.

Did you complain to your husband about these?

He knew that what he was doing to me was not right but he refused to adjust.

Did you report him to any of his family members?

No, I did not.

What do you want him to do to you now?

I plead for mercy. I want them to forgive me. It was a mistake and I promise that such won’t repeat itself.

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