Though a Nigerian, Primate Ayodele’s prophecies have gone beyond the shores of Nigeria, Africa and reached the uttermost part of the earth, just as Jesus Christ asked his followers to preach the gospel to all parts of the world.

We hardly see prophets talk about nations apart from their jurisdiction but Primate Ayodele’s has uniquely changed the narratives when it comes to prophecies.

It’s not a news that his prophecies on some African countries get fulfilled. The military coup in Burkina Faso, Mali, resignation of Ivory Coast Prime minister, death of some African presidents were all prophesied by this man of God.

The most surprising thing about his ministry is his prophetic declaration on foreign countries. Today, Primate Ayodele is celebrated for his prophecy on Russia invasion of Ukraine some months ago.

In addition to his fulfilled prophecies on the international scene, a minister under the UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson has just resigned.

David Wolfson has resigned as a justice minister saying he can no longer serve in the government because of its disregard for the rule of law. The distinguished lawyer who joined the government in 2020, said he was shocked not just by the extent of law breaking at No 10, but by the “official response” to it.

Meanwhile, during the release of his 2022 prophecies, Primate Ayodele noted that Boris Johnson will face crisis in the year especially on Covid-19 and that some will call for his resignation. Furthermore, he mentioned that a cabinet minister will resign.

These were his words


-UK. There will be litigation in the UK because of COVID 19. Some people will call for the resignation of the Prime Minister. UK will still plunge into other crises. Let them pray against the death of a Member of Parliament. A Cabinet Minister or an Aide of the British Prime Minister will resign. World leaders will be fighting for democracy. Let the UK be careful because of controversial matters that will come up in their Parliament’’

With this development, it’s obvious the man of God’s prophecy has accurately been fulfilled exactly how he put it. Earlier this year, some people in government called for the resignation of Boris Johnson for flouting Covid-19 rules in the country and now, the resignation of his minister for justice.

No doubt, Primate Ayodele deserves an accolade for always being the mouthpiece of God in Africa ad beyond.

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