Unedited Official Press Release as prepared by Auntlanda’s Bethel Foundation on behalf of Princess Damilola Adekoya  @PrincessComedian.

Princess Adekoya in her statement said “Days ago, the news of popular Yoruba actor ,Olarenwaju James Omiyinka   popularly known as Baba Ijesha, raping a young girl of sevrn (7) hit the internet and since then, there’s been chaos.

“It is no longer news that I don’t have biological children of my own so imagine how sad I am that the girl in question (who I would like to keep her personal information private)  is one of my six (6) adopted children (3 boys, 3 girls).Video Player

Truly he defiled her in my sitting room years ago when I went downstairs to lock the gate after my aunt who had come to console me on the collapse of my marriage and loss of baby (her other siblings had gone out to play at the end of the street). She said after cleaning certain liquid (we suspect was sperm and blood) from her Bum and his body, he warned her not to tell anyone and that it was nothing. 

Suspected pedophile, Nollywood Actor, Baba Ijesha

“In fact, he came the next day to make sure she had kept quiet. When he was leaving he asked her to follow him to the car to pick a nylon of fruits for everyone, that was when he used his car key to sexually assault her again. After those two occasions, he completely avoided coming to my place but called anytime he was in need.“

Fast forward to when my friend came around on Friday, April 16, 2021. she found me in a foul mood and went on to ask what had happened. I explained to her the same gut feeling I had been having for 7 years that something was wrong with her but it was not spiritual won’t go away.

She then offered to talk to her and that was when all the secrets came out.“On one hand, we are a bit relieved and her parents are especially grateful to God that we now know the root cause of declining grades & sudden change in behaviour. On the other hand, it’s so painful knowing that she had to bear all these by herself. Her innocence was stolen in less than 4 minutes. I truly can’t find the right words to describe how deeply hurt I am.Accordingto Princess “These parents showed compassion by allowing their kids live with me so I could experience motherhood.

I protected and cared for them to the best of my ability but Lanre made me question my sanity as a mother.“I still can’t get over the trauma of having to watch her on CCTV just so we could get proof. She was so scared before he arrived and we had to reassure her that we would come in before he could hurt her. She dreads him so much to the point that when she recognized him in a movie he and I featured in 2019, even her brothers couldn’t console her.”

Princess stated in tears.Meanwhile, Auntlanda Bethel Foundation has said that while we wait and trust that justice would prevail, we plead with the general public to respect our privacy as we are going through so much already. Thank you all for your continuous prayers and emotional support.” May you never have to weep over your children. May God grant those of us looking for the fruit of the womb everlasting joy.

I strongly believe God does not sleep.”“If you are a victim of Sexual Assault/Abuse, please know that we are a community of people who love and care for you. We help you fight for Justice while we help you heal. Every case is treated confidentially and the identity of the Survivor is always protected.”SignedDr Yolanda N George-David(Ph.D)Servant-in-ChargeAunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation


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