Rite Foods Limited, the leading name in Africa’s largest food and beverage industry, joins the nation in celebrating its 63rd Independence Day today. As a proudly Nigerian and truly world-class company with a commitment to excellence and innovation, Rite Foods Limited takes this momentous occasion to reflect on the rich history, progress, and potential of our great nation.

Nigeria’s Independence Day represents a significant milestone in the country’s history. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by visionary leaders and nationalists who worked tirelessly to secure our freedom from colonial rule. Rite Foods Limited encourages all Nigerians to observe this day peacefully and take a moment to honor the courage and determination of those who paved the way for our brighter future.

Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, the Managing Director of Rite Foods Limited, highlighted the importance of reflection during this celebration. He added that this Independence Day should be a time to look back on our past achievements, challenges, and the progress we’ve made as a nation.

It is also an opportunity to chart a course towards greater socio-economic and political development.
“As a nation, we should commit to selfless service and embrace the values of our early statesmen who built the Nigeria of our aspirations,”

Adegunwa stated. “Let us demonstrate love, tolerance, and unity for peaceful coexistence, as these are the principles that will propel us towards a brighter future.”

Mrs. Adebola Adeyinka, Assistant Marketing Manager at Rite Foods Limited, emphasised the company’s commitment to the nation’s progress. “Rite Foods Limited is deeply rooted in Nigeria’s heritage, and we take pride in being part of the fabric of this great nation. As a company, we remain dedicated to providing high-quality food and beverage products that resonate with the Nigerian palate. Our goal is to continue contributing to the growth and development of Nigeria.”

Rite Foods Limited, as a truly world-class company, continues to invest in research, innovation, and sustainability to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Nigeria.

On this 63rd Independence Day, Rite Foods Limited reaffirms its commitment to the nation and its people. It celebrates Nigeria’s past, embraces its present, and looks forward to a future of unity, progress, and prosperity.         

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