The bandits called the family of Suwaiba to inform them that she had given birth and added that she and the baby would not be released until a ransom was paid.

A pregnant woman, Suwaiba Naziru, who was among the 10 persons abducted by bandits in Biya Ki Kwana village, Batsari Local Government Area of Katsina State last week, has given birth in the kidnappers’ den.

Reports indicated that, the bandits called the family of Suwaiba to inform them that she had given birth and added that she and the baby would not be released until a ransom was paid.

Suwaiba Naziru, heavily pregnant, was abducted from her village in Batsari Local Government Area, Katsina State.

It was gathered that the gunmen demanded a good motorcycle with a full tank of fuel to go fetch the nursing mother at Sabon Garin Dumburawa.

“That demand was suspicious as the person who was to go was afraid that the bandits could hold him in place of the woman or hold the motorcycle as ransom and so declined,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

“When the gunmen called again to find out if anyone was on the way to pick up the woman, they were told that the motorcycle was not ready yet.

“So, they decided to move the nursing mother to Dangeza village from where she was conveyed to her home town by another motorcycle.”

Also speaking, Suwaiba narrated what happened on that fateful night and how she gave birth to a baby girl in the forest as the kidnappers watched.

She said on that fateful day, she had gone out to make a phone call to her husband so she could inform him to try and send some money home so they could buy some foodstuffs.

On her way, she met the armed men with some women they had already kidnapped.

She stated, “They asked me to go along with them but I told them that I was heavily pregnant. They said I was lying, so they forced me to join the other women and we were herded like a flock of sheep into the bush.

“As I said, I told them, but they said it was a lie and it was until I went into labour that they realised it was true.”

Suwaiba said the journey was a hard one as not only was she heavy, she had to carry her toddler as they trekked a long distance.

According to her, when she went into labour, one of the other abducted women served as midwife. The abductors provided a razor blade to cut the umbilical cord and also hot water for the mother and baby to bathe.

She added, “After that, they said they wanted to inform their leader and seek his permission to discharge me. They went away and did not return for some time, but eventually, the leader said that I should be taken home.

“They took me on a motorcycle, together with my two babies to Yangeza village and from there, another motorcyclist brought me home.”

Suwaiba disclosed that they had huts where they stayed but they were without mats, so they slept on the ground.

She said the other women were still with the abductors who asked her to tell the villagers that even if it means they have to beg to get some money to rescue them, they should not hesitate to do so to secure their release.

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