The third land bridge will no longer open on Monday -FG – Punch Newspapers

The federal supervisor of works in Lagos, Mr. Olukayode Popoola, said on Sunday that the Third Land Bridge would no longer be open on Monday (tomorrow), but in late February.

Labor and Housing Minister Babatunde Fashola said the Third Land Bridge would be open until February 15th during an inspection of construction work on major roads and bridges in Lagos State in January.

The minister explained that the protest against EndSARS caused an initial extension of the completion date.

Popoola said that the bridge will experience another complete closure from 19 to 21 February before the final opening project is completed by the end of February.

“The third land bridge will no longer be opened on February 15, 2021, as previously announced.

“In order not to create unspeakable difficulties for the automobile public who uses the Third Land Bridge for their daily activities, the contractor is not allowed to close the Third Land Bridge during the week for pouring concrete.

“The tape markings on the finished section need to be completed,” he said.

“The Federal Ministry of Labor and Housing regrets the inconvenience that the additional days could have caused to the people of Lagos,” he said.

Popoola explained that the bridge will be completely closed from midnight on February 19 to 21 due to pouring concrete on the last expansion joint.

He said the concrete would take between three and four days to be laid before final preparations for the entire bridge to finally open to traffic.

Those processes, he said, could drag on until the end of February when the highway is finally open.

“At the end of the month, we are asking for the bridge to be reopened. That is the end of this February, “he added.

He said casting work on the last expansion joint on the bridge should begin soon before the bridge is finally open to traffic.

“They will pour the concrete on the last expansion joint next weekend. We are not allowed to act during the week, so the traffic will not be too big for people who go to work.

“They will be acting next weekend and after the casting, we need about three or four days to create post-tension. That is why we are looking at the end of February.

“Casting will be done next weekend for the last expansion joint, the bridge will need to be completely closed next weekend just to prevent vibrations.

“So if we close the bridge on Friday night, then we’ll throw it on Saturday through Sunday, we’ll open it. It will be the last complete closure to repair the last dilatation joint, ”he said.

TThe third land bridge in Lagos, which was undergoing repairs, had to be partially closed on July 24 due to another round of rehabilitation works.

The traffic was partially diverted on a stretch of 3.5 km where construction is underway between the ramp Adenia Adenia and Ebute Meta, while different time zones have been allocated to divert traffic on the bridge.

The 11.8-kilometer bridge is the longest of the three bridges connecting the island of Lagos with the mainland.

The bridge starts from Oworonshoki, which is connected to the Apapa-Oshodi expressway and the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and ends at the Adenia Adele junction on the island of Lagos.

Built in 1990, the bridge was declared the longest in Africa until 1996, when the bridge was completed on October 6 in Cairo, Egypt.


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