Union Bank has said it increased its accessibility, expanded its branches and Automated Teller Machines on the solar grid in 2020.

In a statement titled ‘Union Bank unveils its 2020 Citizenship, Sustainability, and Innovation report’, it said this was part of its commitment to environmental responsibility.

“During the year in view, the number of Union Bank branches and Automated Teller Machines on the solar grid increased to 111 and 407 respectively,” it stated.

In its 2020 Citizenship, Sustainability, and Innovation report, it mentioned its initiatives across three pivotal areas to be citizenship, sustainability, and innovation.

The report gave a detailed account of Union Bank’s continued efforts towards creating a more sustainable future by further embedding responsible business practices, positively impacting people, and communities, and driving innovation.

The bank’s initiatives were in alignment with the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, it stated.

It stated that the CSI report was compliant with the Global Reporting Initiative standards, underscoring the bank’s focus on transparent, accountable reporting of its initiatives.

The Chief Executive Officer, Union Bank, Emeka Okonkwo, said, “Our 2020 CSI report lends further credence to our commitment to a more sustainable world.

“Notwithstanding the turbulent events brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we remained firm in our resolve to positively impact the communities within which we operate.

“As the world battled unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, we pivoted our citizenship initiatives to address urgent needs and embarked on a journey to meaningfully impact our employees and the communities we serve.”


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