Where Is Abraham Adoghe?



Over a long period of time, Abraham Adoghe, who previously worked with the Federal Task Force team is nowhere to be found.

Sometime in 2016, unknown men suspected to be assassins came to his house after he had relocated his family from Lagos and killed two people; his brother’s wife and his elder son, Precious Abraham Adoghe. After that ugly incident, Abraham Adoghe’s where about remained uncertain till date.

This is to inform the general public that one Mr. Abraham Adoghe is missing.

A suspect, one Alhaji Musa Yusuf, a businessman, Company Director and a member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has been arrested.

Abraham Adoghe and four other persons were posted to one of Alhaji Yusuf’s house at Alagbole in Ogun State, as security guards.

In a statement obtained from Abraham Adoghe at the Ajuwon Police Station, by our reporter, he said that they were posted to the house as security guards. He said that while there Alhaji Yusuf told them not to enter a particular room; that the room was the treasure room.

One day while on duty, Abraham said that he heard a voice crying for help. As the shout for help continued, he felt it was one of the domestic staff that needed help and forced the door open. When he opened the door, he said that he saw one young girl and a human skull inside the room.

When he saw that it was a strange face and not one of the staff, Abraham asked the young girl how she managed to get in there. The girl then told him that she was kidnapped by some unknown men who brought her there.

Abraham then tried to make way for the young girl to escape from there. Immediately he was about to release the girl, Alhaji Yusuf came into the compound. He asked who opened the door and was told that it was Abraham that did so. Alhaji Yusuf asked them to lock Abraham up and they should not allow him to go.

When Abraham heard what Alhaji Yusuf said, he scaled through the fence and escaped. He said that he ran to the church to meet with his pastor. It was his pastor who told him to quickly go to the police station and report the matter.

He reported at Ajuwon Police Station, Ogun State; the police then trailed and arrested Alhaji Yusuf. During interrogation, he claimed that he did not know anything about what Abraham had alleged. He threatened to deal ruthlessly with Abraham when the case is over.


One day Abraham’s wife was informed that unknown gunmen came looking for her husband and destroyed their property when they could not find him. She told Abraham about the visit of the gunmen and out of fear for his life he relocated his family to his village in Edo State. Not long after, unknown gunmen again stormed his home town Okede Ewohimi, Ubiaja, Esan South East Local Government area of Edo State and killed his brother’s wife and his elder son Precious Adoghe. Immediately Abraham heard about the ugly incident, he disappeared and has not been seen since then.

Some of his neighbours who spoke with our correspondent said that they suspected that Alhaji Musa Yusuf may have carried out his threat of dealing with him as nobody had seen Abraham Adoghe since then. Efforts to reach his wife proved abortive as she was said to have fled their home town after the attack of the gunmen.

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