Writing books that change lives is everything to me – Victor Beausoleil

While he is recognised globally as a social entrepreneur for his advocacy and work for inclusion and empowerment of African Canadian, the executive director of Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI), Victor Beausoleil continues to sustain his reputation as an author of renown, acclaimed for life-changing, vision-defining books.

“I have written 14 books and published 11,” he disclosed in a recent interview with Vanguard News.

“My life as an author has changed my family´ trajectory and permitted us a lifestyle of travel and sovereignty.”

Writing, he said, “changed my life,” explaining: “Becoming an author, I was able to passively generate resources for my family and leave the employee and self-employed category, which provided me the time to scale my businesses and invest greater time as a husband and father.”

Speaking about SESTI, which he co-founded, Victor Beausoleil said: “We facilitate an incubator and accelerator for African Canadian businesses and start-ups.

We advocate for greater inclusion, diversity, equity and access within the social finance, social economy, and community economic development sectors within Canada.

We also facilitate weekly capacity-building webinars for community members seeking to scale innovation and cultivate greater impact in the entrepreneurial initiatives.”

Despite his busy schedules which include travelling around the world to lecture, Victor Beausoleil has maintained steady prolificity as an author.

On how fulfilling being an author has been to him, he averred: “Having people read one of my books and share how a chapter or an entire text has changed their perspective, circumstance or trajectory is an incredibly humbling yet powerful feeling for me.”

His motivation for writing he attributed to people who look up to him. He said: “My why power is stronger than my will power; and my why is my wife and children; my mother and father, siblings—my family and my community.

I have many people that count on me and rely on my discipline and diligence. There is no room for error, idleness, apathy or complacency.”

Writing books, Victor Beausoleil claimed, has not been a hard vocation.

He said, ” I love to write and I always maintained a large network of dutiful brothers and sisters that were always willing to attend and become patrons on my book launches and events.”

He added: “As well, I have been facilitating speaking engagements, teaching and lecturing since I was 19 years old. If you move someone in a speech, lecture or workshop there is natural reciprocity that manifests if you have a book or product that aligns with your audience.”

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